Special BBcodes

The documentation system supports several bbcodes:

  • Set text in bold: [b] … [/b]
  • Set text in italic: [i] … [/i]
  • Source code block: [code] ... [/code]
  • Link: [a URL]link text[/a]
  • List: [list] … [/list]
  • List item: [*]
  • Quote: [ quote] … [/quote ]

IMPORTANT: This codes are only supported on the “detail” lines. They’re not supported in the “summary” line, as this line is directly passed to the intelliprompt system. That’s done this way to prevent slow additional parsing in the intelliprompt system.

Notice that the bbcodes are lowercase.

Example of bbcodes usage:

summary: This function does something important
Thie text is [b]bold![/b]
Function DoSomething:Bool(value1:String)