Errors list

We’ve developed a modified version of the Trans compiler that allows background compilation. This compiler provides a way to let Jungle Ide inform on compilation error as you type.

This feature is a very powerful way to decrease development time. As you don’t have to wait for a full manual recompilation of the whole project, just to detect any syntax error.

Take into consideration that this tool is quite CPU intensive, so people with legacy computers may experience some performance issues. If that’s your scenario, you can turn the background compiler off in the preferences dialog. It works wonderfully well on computers with more than one core.

This is a screenshot of the background compiler panel:

Making double click on any of the errors, Jungle Ide will jump to the corresponding file and source code line, so you can fix it.

The errors found by the background compiler do appear also in the editor window in the form of a red wave underline:

The information balloon appear on mouse hover.

This background compiler system, in order to operate, will add a new tool called jungleMBC in your Monkey BIN folder. (JungleMBC means Jungle Monkey Background Compiler)

This utility is a small executable that contains the background compiler itself. You don’t have to make anything special for this tool to get copied and installed in the right folder. Jungle Ide will do this for you. It’s just a modified version of the Trans Monkey Compiler used to allow Jungle Ide perform background compilation and provide feedback on syntax/lexing errors in your source code. 

This tool will self-update silently when needed using the regular Jungle Ide update system.

Important: The background compiler service can take a bit of CPU time, on single core machines, it can be a good idea to disable it if you experience important slowdowns on performance. It’s been tested to work wonderfully well on a Quad Core machine on very large solutions, and also tested on a core-solo machine with large solutions and it worked perfectly well.