Jungle Ide provides a quick named bookmark system called Notes.

Whenever you add a note comment into Monkey source code, Jungle Ide will considere this comment a navigable note, as shown here:

Import mojo
Function Main()
       'note: TODO: Improve game loading time on Android!
       Local game:= New MyGame

When this is done, Jungle Ide will create a Note with the text: TODO: Improve game loading time on Android!

This notes are then navigable from the Notes panel:

Clicking on any of the notes in the Notes panel, brings the notes comment location on the editor window, so you can easily navigate to this part of the source code documents.

Also, notice that the notes panel will contain all notes defined on all files of a given solution, so you can use this to generate a solution wide todo-list with navigable bookmarks.

Additionally, the notes panel will show notes in alphabetical order, so you can prefix any note with “TODO”, “PENDING”, “OPTIMIZE” or whatever to group different kind of notes in the notes list.

Notice that the local shortcuts window will also list notes in a per-file basis.