Editor settings

In this Settings page, you can configure all the Jungle Ide general settings.

This is the Editor Settings window:

The available settings at this page are:

Editor Font

You can set here the font to be used by Jungle Ide in the source code editor. Jungle Ide will show a list of all available True Type fonts. A special “star” footprint is added on recommended fonts.

Font Size

You can set here the font size for the font to be used in the source code editor windows.

Line separation

Jungle Ide allows you to set additional pixels of separation between source code lines, in order to increase the readability of the source code text.

Allow code folding

This setting will enable code folding for all languages that support it. Code folding will allow the source code to be organized on collapsable regions. This setting is ignored in Jungle Lite as Jungle Lite does not support folding.

Ensure cursor is visible after a fold operation

This setting will force Jungle Ide make a special check after a

Display code autolists

Jungle Ide can display code completion auto lists that can help you as you type code. This setting is enabled by default on Jungle Ide. Notice that Jungle Lite does not support this feature, and this setting is just ignored in Jungle Lite.

Start a new line after pressing Enter on Autolists

When the enter key is pressed and there’s an autolist window open, Jungle Ide will complete the selected word. If you want Jungle Ide to also add the enter key in the completed text, this setting has to be enabled (it is enabled by default, as Jungle Ide can perform operator-based completion, which is faster than plain old-school Return or Tab completion)

Use Alt+Enter instead of Ctrl+Space to show the autolist

Autolists can be manually requested by pressing Ctrl+Space, but some Asian users already use this key combination to toggle input modes, so this setting is to enable an alternative way to request the autolist window

Autolist should overwrite text until an operator is found

By enabling this setting you will allow old-school completion mode for autolists, where any character different from an operator is overwritten by autolist completion as completion is understood as an identifier rename operation

Display line numbers

This setting will make Jungle Ide display line numbers in the editor window. Line numbers can also be seen in the caret position mark at the bottom-right corner of the IDE, so this setting is set to “off” by default.

Render special characters in editor

This option will make the editor window render special characters in the source code window, so all characters such as CR, Tab, white space, etc. are rendered with a visible glipth.

Draw Indent Guide

This option will make Jungle Ide draw an indentation guide on the source code window.

Draw bookmarks

This option allows Jungle Ide to draw bookmarks on the source code window

Draw line changes tracking mark on margin

Jungle Ide can show a colored line changed tracking mark in the code editor window. This option allows the user to enable or disable this feature. By default it is enabled.

Draw content separator on supported parsers

Jungle Ide can render a horizontal content separator line on main code blocks, such as function, method, class ends, etc. This increases readability of source code. This option is ON by default,

Braces matching mode:

Jungle Ide highlights matching braces as you type. Braces highlighting can be customized to work in 4 different modes. Select the desired mode here.

Braces custom color

If you select the “use custom color” braces highlighting mode, you can set the desired color using this setting.

Margin click selects code line

If this option is enabled, Jungle Ide will select a whole line of source code whenever the user clicks on the left corner of the source code editor window.

Use Word Wrap mode in editor

Jungle Ide source code editor can work in word wrap mode, so horizontal scrolling is not required to get a complete view of your source code logics. This is a non standard way of displaying source code, so it is disabled by default.

The TAB character insert spaces instead of tabs

This option will make Jungle Ide insert white spaces instead of tabulator, whenever the TAB key is pressed, or whenever idented code completion is performed. This feature is

Spaces for tab

This setting lets you define the number of spaces that will be inserted in the source code when the TAB key is pressed and the option

Use virtual white spaces

Jungle Ide supports a special edition mode that recreates the end of line behavior of ancient editors such as the Turbo C editor, or QuickBasic editor. Those editors didn’t make the caret jump to the next line when the last character was found. Jungle can mimic this too.

Force Unicode Encoding

Enable this option if you want Jungle Ide to stop detecting automatically the appropriate encoding for each document, and use always Unicode encoding.

Use Big Endian Unicode

Select this option if you want Unicode documents to be saved using Big Endian encoding. Otherwise default Unicode encoding (little endian) will be used.