Select the monkey location in disk

In order to tell Jungle Ide which version of Monkey it should be working with, and where it is located in disk, there are 2 possible scenarios:

  • If youre just running Jungle Ide for the first time:
    When you launch Jungle Ide for the first time, a configuration wizard will be shown. In this wizard, youll be able to locate your Monkey compilation folder. The folder you have to select is the Monkey root folder, and NOT the bin folder. Jungle Ide wont let you choose a incorrect folder.

  • If you want to select/modify the Monkey location on an already installed Jungle Ide:
    You can do this in the preferences dialog, just go to Tools / Preferences. Once there, select the Monkey tab, and modify the option Monkey location. The internal modules database will be automatically refreshed when you apply changes.