Tips to enjoy Jungle Ide

Make updating Monkey easy!

With Jungle Ide, there are several things you can do to make it easy to update from one version of Monkey to another, without having to copy module folders from one version to the other, and preventing having to edit most of your configuration files on every update.

First thing you could do is define an additional modules folder. By doing it this way, you can choose an arbitrary folder in your file system to store any third party modules, and Jungle Ide will automatically add this module to the compilation process of all monkey versions, so when you update Monkey form one version to another, this modules folder will still be visible to the compiler.

You can do this on the preferences dialog, on the Monkey tab. Just select the desired “additional modules folder”.

Keep Jungle Ide updated

Jungle Ide is updated often. We provide numerous updates to add lots of new features and improvements, and also to solve any stability or security issues that may arise. To keep Jungle Ide updated, it is recommended to introduce your username at and your license number in the preferences dialog (Tools / Preferences). Only by introducing this information Jungle Ide will be able to automatically get newer versions.

Configure your SDK on preferences

If you have manually installed all Monkey SDKs, you may want to enter the installation paths of the SDKs in the Jungle Ide preferences dialog (Tools / Preferences / SDKS). By doing this, Jungle Ide will ensure that when the Monkey version is updated, all those paths are properly refactored in the Monkey configuration file, making it easier for you to keep all your SDKs going after any Monkey update.

Make quick Monkey tests

If you ever want to create a new Monkey test and you don’t want to be forced to create a new file, you can just do so by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N . Doing it this way, you’ll create a quick temporary monkey document that can be used for quick tests. This document will be erased by Jungle Ide so you can keep your system clean fom temporary documents, tests, and other garbage.