A Solution is a collection of projects. That is, a solution can contain a single project that generates an executable, or a set of projects that generates Executables, Modules, etc.

A Jungle solution is formed of this structure:

  • 1.- The solution: A file (with extension Jungle) that contains information of the included projects
  • 2.- Projects: Each project (with extension JiProj) ┬áis conformed by a set of files that generate an executable, a module, an Html page, whatever.
  • 3.- The files(source code)

So, if we’re creating a Monkey game, usually we will have a solution called MyGame.Jungle, that, at the same time can contain a project called SuperAsteroids.JiProj, that at the same time, contains all the files needed to generate the runable compiled file.

In a solution, you can mix several kind of projects. That is, you can have a project that generates an EXE coded in Monkey, and also a project that generates a DLL coded in C++, and also a project that generates a Module mixing Java and Monkey. All this can be done in a single solution, and Jungle Ide will know how to compile everything when you press F5. As easy as this.

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