Define pre-build commands

(This feature is currently under development)

You can open any project options in Jungle Ide by right clicking on the project root node and selecting Project Options.

If you do so, you’ll open the project options window, where you can define, among other things, a list of external pre-build commands that can be executed every time your project is built.

In order to add any new pre-build command, just use the grid at the bottom of the window, click on the “name” cell, and just give the pre-build task a name. (ie. texture packer).


Once you’ve done this, on the command cell, just enter the name of the executable that will be called whenever this command is executed. This has to be just the name of the EXE, BAT, JAR, etc file without any parameters.

In the parameters cell, you can define the command-line parameters to be passed to the command. You can use any environment variable here. Just be sure to write the variable name with proper casing, and enclosed between % symbols.


Jungle Ide defined its own set of Environment variables that can help you run external commands. This is the list of Jungle Ide defined environment variables:

%ENTRY_POINT% This variable contains the full path of the main Monkey document of the project being compiled.
%DATA_FOLDER% This variable contains the full path to the data folder of the project being compiled.
%TRANS_BUILD_MODE% This variable contains the current Trans build mode as defined in the Monkey documentation
%TRANS_CONFIG% This variable contains the current selected Trans configuration (debug or release)
%TRANS_TARGET% This variable contains the name of the selected build target (html5, xna, glfw, Android, etc.)
%PROJECT_FOLDER% This variable contains the folder where the entire project is stored on the system
%PROJECT_NAME% This variable contains the project node name in the Jungle Ide solution explorer
%PROJECT_VERSION% This variable contains the current version number of the project, as stated in the project options dialog
%PRODUCT_NAME% This variable contains the commercial name of the project as defined in the project options dialog

Additionally, if you set any pre-build command as “Cancel on error”, the whole build process will be stopped if the command returns an error level different from zero. This is specially useful when this tool is used in conjunction with pre-processors that have to provide some kind of syntax checking when they finish the pre-processing process.

Also, if you set the pre-build task as “Shell” or “Shell no wait”, the command will be executed into a command shell terminal window, instead of being executed directly as a child process from Jungle Ide. This can be useful for tasks that require command-line interaction such as some Android signing tools.