How to work with solutions

Working with Solutions

When you’re working on a multi-file project on Jungle, you should be using a Solution. Most common tasks on a solution are creating files, folders, renaming them, moving them from one folder to another, etc.

when you’re working with this project management system, you should perform all this operations file from the Solution Explorer.

That said, Jungle Ide allows you to edit files that are not part of your current solution in a way that you can get mixed contents on the IDE (solution files and stand-alone files). To differentiate this files properly, Jungle Ide draws a Gear icon on non-solution files tab. So whenever you’re editing a file that has this symbol in it, this file is external to your solution, and any reference to this file from the solution will be lost when the file is closed.

This is how a non-solution document tab looks like:

(Notice the small gear icon on the document tab)

IMPORTANT: Jungle Ide intelliprompt system requires all files that do provide information to be part of the current solution, or to be installed in the Modules directory. So any file that provides contents for a project, should be put into the project solution explorer, or should be part of the modules folder. Otherwise, Jungle Ide will ignore any reference to this file contents when it is not open.