Solution files description

A Jungle Ide solution is structured in the following way:

  • A solutioin file (with extension Jungle) This file contains information about which projects are part of the coding session that is represented by a solution and their location in the disk
  • At least one project file (with extension JiProj) This file contains information about the files that are part of a project, and information about build options, the project entry point, etc.
  • At least one source code file (with any supported source code extension) This files contains the actual source code used to produce an application

Additionally to this files, Jungle Ide produces the following additional files:

  • Jungle.Layout file: This file contains information about the Jungle Ide layout associated to a given solution. That is, the placement of each panel and toolbar of the IDE.
  • JiProj.JIPO file: This file contains information about the project user options. That is, which files are open and which files are closed, the cursor position of every openend file, the folding status of each file, etc.

Both the Jungle.Layout files, and the JiProj.JIPO files can be freely excluded from any source control system as they represent user preferences, but not code or project structures. Doing this, it’s a lot easier to work with teams