The Solution explorer

The Jungle IDE solution explorer is the place to handle all the files and projects that are included in a solution.

This is how the solution explorer looks like:

This button allows you to add a new project to the current solution.

This button allows you to load an existing project to the current solution.

This button allows you to remove the currently selected project from the current solution.

This button allows you to set the desired build order for all the projects included in the current solution. Projects on Jungle Ide are built in parallel, so this setting does not provide a significant functionality on common configurations.

This button allows you to toggle “all files” view on and off.

Most operations, such as renaming items, moving files from one folder to another, importing files to the solution, etc. can be done using contextual menus on any item.

When you right-click a Monkey document in the solution explorer:

This context menu allows us to set the clicked document as the entry point of the project. The entry point of a project is the file that contains the Main() function.

We can also set the compilation target for the project form there, rename the file, exclude the file from the project, or even exclude it and delete it from disk.

We can do similar operations on folders:

This time, as this is a folder operation, we can also add files to it. Adding files is a very common task when working with solutions.

Or even on the project node you can do similar operations.