What is a Solution

Jungle Ide “projects” is based on the concept of Solutions.

A solution is a set of projects that conform a cohesive unit. As instance, a Solution can be a 3D rendering module, and a collection of samples that use this module.

To understand this in a simpler way, we can think of a Solution as a list of projects. A solution can contain a single project, or as many projects as required.

As instance, this could be an example of a solution that contains 3 projects, and each project has its own source code documents:



In most scenarios where a single game or application is done at a time, a solution can be as simple as this:



This is very easily shown into de IDE by using the Solution Explorer:

In this example, this solution has a project called “Harpl Compiler”, and also another one called “MonkeyTemplateParser” . Each one of this projects have their own monkey source code documents. Each one of those projects generate an executable.